Rocket Spanish Review

If you’ve come to this site looking for the Rocket Spanish product, you won’t find it here. These are simply my thoughts about the Spanish language teaching program and course.  You may access the official Rocket Spanish site here.

I speak several foreign languages including German and French, so when I read a Rocket Spanish review, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I teach English as a foreign language so I am aware of the important components of any good language course and the first one is that it should be easy and fun to use. This one is.

The first thing that I noticed in one particular Rocket Spanish review was that the price for the whole course on CD, packed in a cardboard box and shipped was far too expensive, but I also discovered that it is much cheaper to buy the download version.

Here’s the download version of Rocket Spanish, which I would definitely recommend going with over the CD.

Rocket Spanish seemed to be ideal for me as a beginner but anyone who already speaks Spanish may find that it is isn’t suitable for them as it does not go up to advanced level. For your money you get twelve hours of interactive lessons, five hundred pages of resources which include phrases, vocabulary and grammar and more that four hundred exercises. There is also special software to help you to learn vocabulary, verbs, audio and verbal skills.

While searching for a Rocket Spanish review I noticed that most users were more than happy and gave the Rocket Spanish system of learning a full five stars. The few who said they were not satisfied commented that it was too difficult but perhaps that says more about them than the quality of the Rocket Spanish course.

More Rocket Spanish testimonials here.

There really is nothing to lose with any of the Rocket language courses and if you purchase Rocket Spanish and you are not satisfied, there is an eight week money back guarantee.

So, there is no need to search further for an honest Rocket Spanish review. I am using this course at the current time and I have previously used Rocket German. The courses are well designed and comprehensive. The games help you to learn vocabulary and useful phrases in a way that is easy and fun to do. Rocket Spanish is the real thing where learning Spanish is concerned and you will not be disappointed. There is nothing to lose by starting this course today, and everything to gain.

Check out the Rocket Spanish download page.


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